Anatone 1 Hormone 3g


Anatone by Orion East Africa offers additional application benefits:

  • Clog-Free Application: No need to worry about clogged spraying equipment.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works seamlessly with various crop chemicals.
  • Extensive Crop Range: Suitable for a wide variety of crops.
  • Rainfast Formula: Rain won’t wash away Anatone’s effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Disease Resistance: Promotes natural resistance to diseases through robust plant growth.


Anatone: Your All-in-One Foliar Booster for Exceptional Plant Growth

Anatone is a revolutionary foliar nutrition specifically designed to supercharge your plants’ growth and productivity. It’s a powerful blend of 33% Alpha Napthalene Acetic Acid (ANAA) and Nitrogen, along with inert ingredients, providing a comprehensive solution for various plant needs.

Here’s what Anatone can do for you:

  • Stimulates Robust Growth: Anatone promotes healthy, vigorous plant development by providing essential nutrients.
  • Enhances Flowering: It encourages optimal flower production and prevents premature flower abortion.
  • Reduces Fruit Drop: Anatone minimizes pre-harvest fruit drop, ensuring a bountiful harvest.
  • Promotes Rooting: Anatone is ideal for stimulating root development in seedlings and cuttings, leading to stronger plants.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Fast-Acting: Anatone is readily absorbed by plants, ensuring quick results.
  • Efficient Dosing: It requires lower application rates compared to other products, making it cost-effective.
  • Versatile Application: Use Anatone for seed treatment, foliar spray, or both to boost germination, root development, and overall growth.
  • Yield Increase: Experience significant yield improvements, ranging from 40% to 200% per hectare!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Anatone is a safe and sustainable option for your crops.
  • Application Benefits:
    • Doesn’t clog spraying equipment for hassle-free application.
    • Compatible with various other crop chemicals.
    • Suitable for a wide range of crops.
    • Rainfast formula ensures effectiveness even after rainfall.
    • Promotes natural disease resistance through robust plant health.

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