Bullet 480 EC (1 Liter)


  • Product: Bullet 480 EC (1 Liter) by Orion East Africa
  • Type: Organophosphorus-based broad-spectrum insecticide
  • Key Feature: Controls a wide range of insect pests in farms and public health settings
  • Targets: Agricultural pests (aphids, beetles, etc.) and public health insects (mosquitoes, flies, etc.)
  • Size: 1 Liter (suitable for moderate areas or dilution)
  • Important: Organophosphate – follow safety instructions carefully. Selective use – target pests where possible. Develop a pest management plan to reduce resistance risk.
  • Safety: Read and follow label instructions for proper PPE (personal protective equipment)


Bullet 480 EC: Powerful Insect Control for Farms and Public Health (1 Liter) by Orion East Africa

Conquer a wide range of insect pests with Bullet 480 EC by Orion East Africa! This 1-liter organophosphorus insecticide delivers comprehensive protection for your crops and public health needs.

Bullet 480 EC Effectively Targets:

  • Agricultural Pests: Safeguard your crops from a broad spectrum of insect infestations that can devastate yields.
  • Public Health Insects: Control various insects that can pose health risks or create nuisances in homes, businesses, and public areas.

The Power of Bullet 480 EC:

  • Broad-Spectrum Control: A single application targets a wide range of insect pests, reducing the need for multiple insecticides.
  • Organophosphorus Action: Disrupts the nervous system of insects, leading to their elimination.
  • 1 Liter Size: Suitable for treating moderate-sized areas or for dilution and spot applications in various settings.

Applications for Bullet 480 EC:

  • Farms: Protect your crops from damaging insects like aphids, beetles, caterpillars, and more.
  • Public Health: Control mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, and other insects that can pose health risks or create nuisances.

Important Considerations:

  • Organophosphorus Insecticide: Follow label instructions carefully and prioritize safety measures due to the potential health risks associated with this class of insecticides.
  • Selective Use: While broad-spectrum, Bullet 480 EC may still harm beneficial insects. Use targeted application methods whenever possible.
  • Develop a Pest Management Plan: Combine Bullet 480 EC with other control methods for long-term pest management and reduced risk of resistance.

Orion East Africa: Your Partner in Pest Control

Bullet 480 EC is brought to you by Orion East Africa, a provider of quality pest control solutions for agriculture and public health. Experience effective insect control and create a protected environment with Bullet 480 EC!

Remember to prioritize safety when using insecticides. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as directed on the product label and consult with a qualified professional if needed.


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