Benefits of Aminocop Liquid Copper Fertilizer:

  • Rapid Nutrient Availability
  • Improved Plant Health
  • Corrects Copper Deficiencies
  • Easy Application:


Aminocop: Nourish Your Crops with Essential Copper by Orion East Africa (1 Liter)

Give your crops the copper advantage with Aminocop Liquid Copper Fertilizer from Orion East Africa! This 1-liter fertilizer provides a readily available source of copper, a vital micronutrient for healthy plant growth and development.

The Power of Copper for Your Plants:

  • Essential for Photosynthesis: Copper plays a crucial role in chlorophyll production, which is essential for capturing sunlight energy for plant growth.
  • Enhances Plant Defense Mechanisms: Copper strengthens cell walls and aids in enzyme activity, improving your plants’ natural resistance to diseases and fungal infections.
  • Promotes Overall Plant Health: Copper deficiency can lead to stunted growth, wilting, and chlorosis (yellowing of leaves). Aminocop helps prevent these issues and promotes overall plant vigor.

Benefits of Aminocop Liquid Copper Fertilizer:

  • Rapid Nutrient Availability: The liquid form ensures quick absorption of copper by plants, leading to faster results.
  • Improved Plant Health: Aminocop promotes stronger, healthier plants with enhanced resistance to diseases.
  • Corrects Copper Deficiencies: Effectively addresses copper deficiencies in your crops, preventing associated growth problems.
  • Easy Application: The liquid formula allows for convenient application through fertigation or foliar spray.

1 Liter Size – Ideal for Various Applications:

The 1-liter size is suitable for treating a wide range of crops, depending on the application method and crop requirements.

Trust Orion East Africa for Superior Crop Nutrition:

Aminocop Liquid Copper Fertilizer is brought to you by Orion East Africa, a trusted provider of high-quality crop nutrition solutions. Ensure your plants have the essential copper they need to thrive with Aminocop!

Always refer to the product label for specific application rates and instructions tailored to your crops.


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